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Quality by Design

 Eastern NC – April 2014 - A US manufacturer of televisions used to promote its produc


Biology Professor Awarded Grant to Purchase Ion Proton DNA Sequencer



Genome ID Group, LLC Opens Advanced Forensic DNA Laboratory in Greenvi

GREENVILLE, NC (November 25, 2013) – Genome ID Group, LLC has established a state of the art laboratory facility, known as The Center for Advanced Forensic DNA Analysis™ (CAFDA), in G


A World Class Life Science Region in the Making

Situated just east of Raleigh, North Carolina and the world famous Research Triangle, the BioEast Alliance is a five-county area that is emerging as a major life science region in its own right.

North Carolina is the third leading state in the U.S. in terms of the number of biotechnology firms and employees. Presently, private firms in the BioEast Alliance area employ about 5,000 workers at facilities of such leading life science firms as DSM Pharmaceuticals, Hospira, Purdue Pharmaceuticals, Merck & Co., Fuji Silysia Chemical USA, Metrics, Novartis (Sandoz), Becton Dickinson Medical Devices and others. Here's why . . .

The BioEast Alliance is a dynamic partnership of five counties, North Carolina’s Eastern Region Development Commission, and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, working together to make sure that life science companies have the resources, support and funding they need to achieve their goals.

Extensive Life Science Infrastructure

Including a major research university and school of medicine, an acclaimed community college biotechnology training program, and a host of life science support organizations.

Proximity to the Research Triangle

Three globally renowned research universities, two medical schools, and some of the world's leading life science manufacturers provide BioEast firms with a valuable resource for both recruitment and research capabilities.

Workforce & Training

Since 1984 North Carolina has invested more than $187 million in biotechnology infrastructure through the Biotechnology Center. That investment includes a range of grants and loans for young companies and education training programs. The North Carolina Community College System provides workforce training in biotechnology through its statewide BioNetwork program and BioWork course.

Affordability & Lifestyle

Lower real estate and operating costs make the BioEast Alliance one of the most affordable biotech regions in the U.S. The lifestyle is relaxed and includes a wide array of cultural, life long learning and recreational opportunities that satisfy year round passions.